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Join me for the latest instalment in THE LAZARUS WAR trivia series! Today we’re looking at ORIGINS, which is the third and final part of Conrad Harris’ saga… PFC Dejah Mason has changed her callsign to “Princess” by the time of ORIGINS. What can I say? I’m an Edgar Rice Burroughs fan. Some members of…


Early concept art for LEGION

As promised, here’s the second instalment in THE LAZARUS WAR trivia series… LEGION is the action-packed sequel to ARTEFACT. But although it takes the technology and the adventure to a whole new level, there are a fair few Easter eggs hidden in there too. How many did you find?   PFC Mason is of American-Martian descent….



  It’s great when a reader gets in touch about one of my books; nothing quite makes your day like a Twitter message or an email through the website. Sometimes that contact is just to tell you that they enjoyed the story, but sometimes it’s also to ask about something in the book. THE LAZARUS…

TV review: ARQ (Netflix)

ARQ movie poster

Verdict: Intelligent SF drama that will leave you wanting for more Netflix is fast becoming a contender in the production of quality SFF. Last year we saw the release of JESSICA JONES and DAREDEVIL, superhero dramas that reimagined the Marvel method. This year we had STRANGER THINGS; if you haven’t seen that, you really should….

Book review: NOD by Adrian Barnes

NOD cover

Verdict: Insomnia has never been so scary, but the book reflects the subject matter NOD is based on the premise that overnight the vast majority of Earth’s population lose the ability to sleep. Like most good stories, the concept is simple. Firmly in the disaster or apocalypse genre, Barnes’ tale develops the impact that sleep-deprivation has…

Book review: STATION ELEVEN by Emily St John Mandel


Verdict: Life-affirming and terrifying in equal measure; this is beautiful literary SF STATION ELEVEN, by Emily St John Mandel, was the winner of the 2015 Arthur C Clarke award. It’s generated much acclaim, and it’s one of those books that I’d been meaning to read for a while. As I’ve said before on this blog,…

Review round up: ARTEFACT & ORIGINS


A Monday morning update on recent reviews of ARTEFACT and ORIGINS… Firstly, Starved for Content recently reviewed ARTEFACT and sounds like they loved it! Here’s an excerpt from the review: “ARTEFACT is a pure, concentrated page-turner. It is compulsively readable and incredible fun. Sawyer is clearly a huge fan of Sci-Fi subculture, and that works just fine…

Guest post on Ragnarok Publications: “Writing a Trilogy”

THE LAZARUS WAR - all covers

A week on from the release of ORIGINS – the final part of THE LAZARUS WAR trilogy – and I’m still struggling to accept that I now have three books published! I’ve been moved on by the staff of various Waterstones up and down the country for staring vacantly at the shelf where my books…

Objective secured: THE LAZARUS WAR: ORIGINS released in UK & US

ORIGINS on shelf

The date is finally here: ORIGINS is on full release in the UK and US as of today! Here’s a synopsis of the book: “For someone who has died and come back as many times as Conrad Harris, the nickname Lazarus is well-deserved. His elite military team are specialists in death – running suicide missions…

THE LAZARUS WAR: ORIGINS – released next week


It’s not long until the third and final part of THE LAZARUS WAR – ORIGINS – is released in the UK and US! The book will be released on 25th August 2016. Unlike previous books in the series, ORIGINS will be released simultaneously in ebook, paperback and audiobook. If you’ve enjoyed the previous books in the…

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