Paperback ARTEFACT is inbound…

Got some super exciting news to share this week: the paperback copies of ARTEFACT are finally here!


It feels like forever ago that I actually finished writing ARTEFACT. The book has been out since last April in ebook, but the paperback release has taken a while longer. The folks at Orbit planned a two-stage release, with ebook first then paperback (and audiobook) second. That actually worked out well in terms of writing the rest of the trilogy, but the consequence was that I knew I’d have to wait a while until the paperback was finally out there…


With the book finally in my hands, I can definitely say that the wait has been worth it! The Orbit team has done a superb job: physically, the book is a work of art. Embossed lettering, gloss detail… It’s awesome. Having the book finally here just makes everything seem so much more real.

Here’s how the retail packaging, complete with amazing quotes from other SF writers (again, I have Orbit to thank for arranging that):


Here’s how the book will look in the US:


The inside cover will look like this…

LAZARUS WAR: ARTEFACT retail packaging US inside

ARTEFACT will also be released in German and Czech. The German version has the same cover, but I’m not sure about the Czech version yet. Of course, I’m going to have to collect a copy of each!

So, all kinds of awesome. ARTEFACT is going to be out on 25th February 2016; you can preorder your copy from Amazon or any other good online retailer, or go and pick up a copy from your nearest bricks-and-mortar bookstore!

I’m going to be taking a break from the character bios for a while, until my books are out there, but that feature will be returning to the site. We’ll have more exciting news as we get nearer to the book release date!

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