ALIEN update: another movie is happening

Hot on the heels of last week’s post,  20th Century Fox has now confirmed a fifth ALIEN movie!


Blomkamp’s Instagram simply states “So I think this is officially my next film.”

In a Variety news article, Fox confirms that ALIEN 5 will “take place” after PROMETHEUS 2. Variety also suggests – in another very exciting development! – that Ridley Scott’s production company “Scott Free” will be involved. Other sources have indicated that Scott is on board as producer of the new movie.

This, my friends, is tremendous news! A new ALIEN film with a proper, committed directorial and production team? It’s what the fans have been waiting for, and as I said last week I really think that Blomkamp has what it takes to make this project work…

Interestingly, lots of commentators are suggesting that ALIEN 5 (if it will be called that) might take place before the main ALIEN arc (because several sources are suggesting that the film takes place after PROMETHEUS 2). We’ll have to wait to see how this pans out, but more likely this is just the production schedule: I can’t see any of Blomkamp’s concept art working as a “prequel” to the main ALIEN chronology. Maybe Fox has other plans for the film; unless they decide to go the whole “alternate universe” route, my guess is that this has to be a direct sequel ALIEN RESURRECTION. Whilst a sequel to ALIENS would be interesting, it would also ignore the continuity of ALIEN3: I just can’t see this happening.