ARTEFACT: The Director’s Cut Soundtrack

Last year, with the release of ARTEFACT in ebook, I shared the musical inspiration behind the writing of the book. During the process, several composers, musicians and bands acted as muse: they became essential to the book. Lots of readers enjoyed that article, and I thought that with the paperback release of ARTEFACT I’d take the post a step further.


And so I present the Director’s Cut OST of THE LAZARUS WAR: ARTEFACT

Now, obviously, these songs are really just inspirational tracks that relate to the chapters. Some of them will probably take you longer to listen to than to read the relevant chapter, whilst others are very short and the opposite will be true. A year on from my original post, I’m also much tech-savvier and so I’ve included links to Spotify if you wanted to listen to the track online (I’m not endorsed, sponsored affiliated or otherwise related to Spotify: but I think it’s a pretty cool service, and you can sign up and listen to songs for free!).

Chapter Original song name Artist Original soundtrack
Chapter One: New Haven


Combat Drop



James Horner Aliens
Chapter Two: Extraction


Angel of Verdun



Christophe Beck Edge of Tomorrow
Chapter Three: A Mission


Main Menu Michael McCann Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Chapter Four: Into the Maelstrom


The Wormhole



Hans Zimmer Interstellar
Chapter Five: Someone Who Isn’t Afraid of Death, of Dying





Hans Zimmer Batman Begins
Chapter Six: Not a Drill





Daft Punk Tron
Chapter Seven: This is Real Again


Spiky Cars



Tom Holkenborg Mad Max: Fury Road
Chapter Eight: Five-Man Army


Futile Escape


James Horner Aliens
Chapter Nine: Space Walk


Ashes of Our Fathers



M83 Oblivion
Chapter Ten: Evacuation





Hans Zimmer Batman Begins
Chapter Eleven: This War Won’t Last For Ever





Hans Zimmer Batman Begins
Chapter Twelve: Seven Shades of Hades





Tom Holkenborg Mad Max: Fury Road
Chapter Thirteen: This is All That is Left


Always a Catch



Hans Zimmer The Dark Knight
Chapter Fourteen: Stranded


Queen to Bishop



James Horner Aliens
Chapter Fifteen: A Curfew is in Effect


Why Do We Fall?



Hans Zimmer The Dark Knight Rises
Chapter Sixteen: What Matters





James Horner Aliens
Chapter Seventeen: The Shard


Cornfield Chase



Hans Zimmer Interstellar
Chapter Eighteen: Is This How it Ends, this Time?





Daft Punk Tron
Chapter Nineteen: Not an Echo of You, Not a Simulation of You


Jack’s Dream



M83 Oblivion
Chapter Twenty: He’s Gone





Hans Zimmer Batman Begins
Chapter Twenty-One: A Second Chance


The Game Has Changed



Daft Punk


Chapter Twenty-Two: You Killed Him


Gotham’s Reckoning


Hans Zimmer The Dark Knight Rises
Chapter Twenty-Three: It Can’t be Done


 Old Souls


Hans Zimmer Inception
Chapter Twenty-Four: I Am Expendable


Unauthorised Entry


Ryan Amon Elysium
Chapter Twenty-Five: Point of No Return


Dream Within a Dream



Hans Zimmer Inception
Chapter Twenty-Six: See You on the Other Side


Brothers in Arms


Tom Holkenborg Mad Max: Fury Road
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Born Dead


Zero Injuries Sustained


Ryan Amon Elysium
Chapter Twenty-Eight: At Peace




Hans Zimmer Man of Steel
Chapter Twenty-Nine: No One Has Ever Made It This Far


Chapter Doof


Tom Holkenborg Mad Max: Fury Road
Chapter Thirty: Dead Man Walking


A Dark Knight


Hans Zimmer The Dark Knight
Chapter Thirty-One: Easy Way Out


Like a Dog Chasing Cars


Hans Zimmer The Dark Knight
Epilogue: The Long Way Home




M83 (fea Susanne Sundfor) Oblivion

I’ve also set up a playlist of these songs on Spotify, which you can access here.

If you haven’t already purchased your copy of ARTEFACT, then what are you waiting for? It’s out now in audiobook, ebook and paperback. Follow me on @JSawyerAuthor for the latest news on ARTEFACT and all things sci-fi related…













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