P1080883Jamie Sawyer was born in 1979 in Newbury, Berkshire. He studied Law at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, acquiring a Masters degree in human rights and surveillance law. He is a full-time barrister, practicing in criminal law, working in courts throughout the London and East Anglian regions.

When he isn’t working in law or writing, Jamie enjoys spending time with his family. He lives in Essex, and regularly attends science fiction and writing conventions where he often appears as panel members on these subjects. His debut novel, Artefact, was published in 2015, with the sequel Legion later the same year. The books form part of The Lazarus War series, including the novella Redemption (published 2015). The concluding novel in the series is Origins (published 2016).

The universe of The Lazarus War continues with The Eternity War. The first book in this series is Pariah, which was published in 2017. The story continues with Exodus (published 2018), and concludes with Dominion (published 2019).

Jamie’s novels have been translated into French, German and Czech, and are available worldwide. Here is a short interview that Jamie did for Orbit, at the time of release of Artefact.

Jamie is represented by Robert Dinsdale, of the Independent Agency.