Book covers, retail packaging and LEGION inbound!

Busy, busy, busy on writing things things week so not much of an update. Having now (just about!) recovered from the recent publication of ARTEFACT, I’m now back at things on Scrivener. Some exciting projects coming in the near future…

Following Orbit’s release of the (amazing) cover for ORIGINS, I can now show you this. I’ve been super excited to see these three covers together!
THE LAZARUS WAR - all coversDon’t they look great? They will look even better on your book shelf. All three will be available in paperback, ebook and audiobook by the end of this year. This really will be the year of THE LAZARUS WAR…

Also, I’ve recently reviewed the retail packaging for LEGION. I was already a huge fan of the LEGION cover (artist Ioan Dumitrescu did an amazing job, and you can follow him on Twitter here), but seeing it as proper packaging is really something else.

LEGION retail packaging

Which brings me to the next piece of news: LEGION is going to be released in paperback and audiobook next month. You can already buy it in ebook (it was released last September), but if you’re a fan of physical books there isn’t long to wait. The big release date is 26th May 2016.

Finally, the German version of ARTEFACT has also now been released. Thought I’d share the cover with you all, as it is as amazing as the UK/US version!

ARTEFACT - German edition



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