Book news: Exodus arrives in paperback

Some very exciting news today – the first copies of The Eternity War: Exodus have arrived! Check it out…

In common with the rest of the books in The Lazarus War and The Eternity War, the cover art and jacket design are incredible. The colours pop in a way that will hopefully make this one jump off the shelf in the bookstore! I’ve been very lucky to have such amazing artwork on all of my books, and Orbit never fails to impress with the general design work. 

But there is more to a book than just its cover, right? Exodus is one of my longer novels, weighing in at 480 pages. There’s a lot of story in there: the Jackals face several challenges in their mission this time around. You remember where they ended up, at the end of Pariah? Well, that warship on the cover is the Furious Retribution – and the captain of that ship is no friend of Lieutenant Jenkins. Things are about to get very hot, very fast, for the Jackals, and Exodus has a story that doesn’t let up. The war is on.

Here’s how Exodus looks on the bookshelf. The spine colours complement the rest of the series really well!

You can pre-order your copy of The Eternity War: Exodus now, and it will be released in paperback, ebook and audio book on 29th November 2018.

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