Book news: The Eternity War: Exodus is released today

The second part of my trilogy The Eternity War, Exodus, is released in paperback and ebook today! You can pick it up in the US or UK, or through your local Amazon or other book store.

I’m super-excited for readers to see where the story goes in this book. Where things were left in Pariah, Jenkins’ Jackals were in a desperate situation. Things go from very bad to catastrophically worse in Exodus – the Jackals are going to have to pull together, and face up to some huge challenges, if they are going to save the galaxy from the spread of the virus infecting the alien Krell…

To celebrate the launch, I’ve put together a book trailer.

I’m also going to be signing Forbidden Planet’s stock of Exodus today – so if you haven’t ordered already, FB is a great place to pick up an autographed copy.

If you’ve read and enjoyed The Eternity War: Exodus, be sure to get in touch!

7 thoughts on “Book news: The Eternity War: Exodus is released today

  1. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie and his magic torch. Great to read you have been busy this last decade. We miss our laughs together. Emlyn and Claire.

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Big fan of the series! Wondering when book 3 will be released?
    Thanks, Adrian

    1. Hi Paul, unfortunately I don’t think that Exodus will be released on audiobook. The decision is made by my publisher and at this stage only Pariah has been released in that format. The Lazarus War series is on audiobook though, if you missed that!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, I don’t know when/if Exodus will be on audiobook… Maybe get in touch with Orbit directly and encourage them to release it!

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