THE LAZARUS WAR: LEGIONConrad Harris is the legend known as Lazarus, and he has died hundreds of times. Using simulant bodies, he runs suicide missions in the depths of space. But he always comes back.

As commanding officer of the Lazarus Legion, Harris and his elite Simulant Operations team are humanity’s last line of defence against the hostile alien race known as the Krell.

Having survived their ordeal on Helios, they’re now leading a large-scale mission to the perilous, unexplored region of the Damascus Rift. There, another Artefact has been discovered. It is the product of an ancient alien life form – and a possible weapon to be used against the Krell.

This Artefact could finally help humanity win the war. But what Harris and the Lazarus Legion will discover there is from their worst nightmares . . .

THE LAZARUS WAR: LEGION is out now! If you’ve missed the first book in the series, then check out more on ARTEFACT here. LEGION is available now on Amazon, and at all good ebook retailers. The story continues with ORIGINS

Published by Heyne in Germany, under the title DIE LAZARUS LEGION.


Published by Orbit Books – for enquiries contact info@littlebrown.co.uk

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