Christmas concepts 1: PFC Blake

Today I’m releasing something special for the holiday season! The Lazarus WarArtefact, Legion and Origins – was my first SF book series. It’s a rollercoaster thrill ride of a trilogy and I remain very proud of it. I still get regular comments on the series, and several of the characters seem to have struck a chord with readers. The idea of a beleaguered squad of under-provisioned soldiers, fighting off an enemy both outside and in, never gets old. 

But I digress! During the writing stage for the third book, I decided to have some artwork commissioned – the sort of concepts that you’d get for a video game or a movie. Both of those ideas have been things I’ve explored (although I’m not quite at the development stage yet!), and it seemed a neat idea to have a visual representation of my characters. At the time, my publisher (rightly) suggested that hold the release of the artwork until after the trilogy was published – giving the reader the opportunity to form their own view of each character, rather than having my interpretation forced on them. I’ve always tried to create a highly descriptive, cinematic style when I write, so I think that my publisher was right to wait. 

Now that The Lazarus War is out and finished (as is my second series, The Eternity War), I thought that it would be a good time to put these amazing art pieces on my blog.

So, without further ado, here is PFC Michael Blake…

When Artefact starts, Blake is a rookie trooper assigned to Harris’ squad. He has very few transitions under his belt, and is unsure whether he can stomach a career as a Simulant Operator. The idea of dying again and again is starting to get to him… It won’t surprise you to learn that things go from bad to worse for young PFC Blake! 

Blake was a bit of a reader favourite. Everyone likes an underdog, and Blake was certainly that. Won’t you raise a glass with me to this rookie trooper with a heart?

From now until Christmas, I’m going to be releasing a new piece of concept art each day. Be sure to check back to see who is next from the Lazarus Legion. I’ll give you a hint: 

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