Christmas concepts 3: Private Vincent Kaminski

Thanks for joining me for Christmas concepts 3 – and for today’s post, we have the infamous Private Vincent Kaminski…

Kaminski, better known to his fellow squad-mates as ‘Ski, was the wise-ass technical specialist on the Lazarus Legion. He was a character known to rub the others up the wrong way, and often liked to shoot off his mouth when not in combat (and sometimes when in combat too!). But ‘Ski was also loyal to Harris and the Legion, and proved his worth throughout the events of the Krell War. His character arc during the trilogy allowed him to grow out of his role as the squad’s comedy relief. 

Again, this concept art is very close to my vision of Kaminski. The artist I used was tremendous, and really went all out. Does this art reflect your vision of Kaminski, and if not how did you envisage him?

Join me for day 4 tomorrow, when we’ll be taking a walk on the darker side of The Lazarus War

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