Christmas concepts 5: Dr Elena Marceau

Welcome to the fifth instalment in the Christmas concepts series. Today’s piece is Dr Elena Marceau.

At the start of Artefact, Dr Marceau is a shadowy figure in Harris’ history. Through flashbacks Harris narrates what she means to him, and his regret in allowing her to walk out of his life. That decision sent Elena on her own character arc; and her mission and Harris’ eventually align. She grows out of her role as a simple love interest and becomes one of the central characters of The Lazarus War

I like this artwork a lot. It is perhaps more comic-book than some of the other characters, and reflects a softer vision of Elena than I had in my head when writing the books, but it’s an interesting imagining of the character.

Tomorrow’s character is another female in The Lazarus War, and a character who ended up with her own squad…

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