Christmas concepts 6: Corporal Keira Jenkins

In the sixth Christmas concepts instalment, we’re taking a look at Corporal Keira Jenkins…

Corporal Jenkins’ is Harris’ right-hand woman – his second in command. She’s both a proficient soldier and leader, and those qualities lead to her taking on her own squad in The Eternity War series. Jenkins can also be fiery and argumentative at times. She doesn’t always make the right call, but she cares deeply about her squad and always wants to do the right thing.

After Harris (the narrator of The Lazarus War), Jenkins was probably my favourite character to write. While Harris was relentlessly determined in achieving his objectives, Jenkins’ actions were often ruled by her emotions. She and Harris didn’t always see eye to eye, and that allowed for some interesting dramatic developments. As to the art, this was quite close to my interpretation of the Jenkins character. Some readers seem to have viewed her as more of a “Vasquez from Aliens” character, which was never intended, and I always found a bit surprising. She was certainly intended to be a more rounded and softer character than Vasquez. If you liked Jenkins, then be sure to read about her adventures in The Eternity War series, which starts with Pariah.

No prizes for guessing the subject of tomorrow’s post! Of course, it’s the man himself… 

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