Civilian Reader: “On coming back – alien races and space adventures”

Today, the good folks over at Civilian Reader have published an article that I recently wrote for them about the relationship between ARTEFACT and LEGION.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The Lazarus War is a series focusing on a far-future space war. The Alliance – the nominal “good guys” of the series – are locked in an apparently endless conflict with the Krell – a bio-mechanical alien race. But in the universe of The Lazarus War, soldiers never really die: they remotely-operate clone bodies (called “simulants”). That means that if a veteran soldier dies, he retains his experience and knowledge, and can simply “reset” to a new body. Pretty handy, given the situations many of these soldiers find themselves in…”

LEGION and ARTEFACT book covers

You can read the full post here, and I’d recommend that you do just that! Civilian Reader is a great site for readers of any genre – Stefan always has a good supply of interesting articles (from readers and writers alike), as well as reviews of recent books. Thanks very much to Civilian Reader for agreeing to host the article!

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