Guest appearance: Fabulous Fleapit of Franchises & Friends

I recently made a guest appearance on the podcast Fabulous Fleapit of Franchises. I join host Carl Denham (also known as @LLCoolMage) to talk all things science fiction, in a space port that is doing a good job of sounding like a busy pub!

Fabulous Fleapit of Franchises

“Author of The Lazarus War Series Jamie Sawyer joins the fleapit in a space port this episode. We talk about his upcoming book THE LAZARUS WAR: ORIGINS (the final part in the trilogy but not the universe), writing and getting your work published, Science-Fiction, 80s films, Stranger Things, Nine Worlds and I fanboy a little over Mary Shelly’s wacky comedy Frankenstein.”

The Fabulous Fleapit is a podcast in which Carl talks about all manner of SF and fantasy, in all their many guises (comics, TV, movies, books and more). Thanks to Carl for having me on the show! You can download the podcast here.

Meanwhile, the concluding part of THE LAZARUS WAR trilogy – ORIGINS – is released in ebook, paperback and audiobook on 25th August 2016 – and that’s not far away! Many sightings are rolling in of the book in stores in the UK and US… If you want to know how the events of ARTEFACT and LEGION conclude, then be sure to pick up ORIGINS!


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