Happy #AlienDay2018, and Lazare En Guerre: Le Revenant released

Today – being the 4th month, and the 26th day – is officially Alien Day! This has been running for a few years now, and there are several competitions, activities and other interesting events taking place across social media. Check out AvPGalaxy for a definitive and regularly updated list of fun things happening, and prizes to be one, on this most face-huggery of days…

Highlights include:

  • Alex White’s excellent Alien: The Cold Forge is released (my review of this is coming soon);
  • Alien: Offworld Colony Simulator is released for Alexa;
  • The all-new David’s Diary collection is announced;
  • Alien: Sea of Sorrows audio drama is released.

But by chance, this is also a double news day! Because today also marks the release of my third book in French language.

That’s right, if you’re a French reader you can now read the culmination of the Lazarus War series. Lazare En Guerre: Le Revenant is available for purchase, in both ebook and paperback… And even if you don’t read French, check out that incredible cover! I’m continually impressed by the quality of the foreign paperback versions of my books, and this one is a great example.

Known as The Lazarus War: Origins in the UK and US, Le Revenant is the action-packed conclusion to the series that started with Artefact. Be sure to order your copy today!

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