Some more exciting news today – William C Dietz, author of over fifty novels including the military sci-fi LEGION OF THE DAMNED series, has read ARTEFACT! I’m extra pleased about this, as I’m a real fan of William’s work. Here’s what he has to say about ARTEFACT:

“Hyper-speed entertainment from a new master of science fiction!” 

Great stuff! I’m really grateful to William for taking the time to read my book, and also the folks at Orbit for getting it in front of all these great authors.

In other reading news, I’m almost finished with THE MARTIAN – which is a great, completely original take on the SF genre – and about to start THE FOREVER WAR (again). I’m kind of excited about this: I’ve read it so many times that it really won’t hold any surprises, but FOREVER WAR is one of my top five favourite books of all time (if not my favourite!). It’s the first time I’ve read WAR directly after STARSHIP TROOPERS though, so the juxtaposition of the two stories (pro- vs anti-war) should be interesting. Check out my SST review here.

Things are gearing up nicely for the big release of ARTEFACT in paperback next February, but in the meanwhile don’t forget that ARTEFACT and LEGION are both out in ebook now!