Turn to the acknowledgements section of a book, and you will often find thanks being expressed for the assistance given to the author by their agent. I can attest to the fact that a good agent really is priceless. Having an agent who understands the market is the first step to getting your manuscript published.

I’m very lucky to be represented by Robert Dinsdale, an extremely talented agent and author. Having previously been affiliated with AM Heath, Rob has now set up his own agency, called the Independent Agency. I’m pleased to say that Rob will continue to represent me and by books, and I wish him luck with his new endeavour. I’ve updated the various links on my blog, and can you take a look at his new website Independent Literary. For any rights enquiries, Rob can be contacted via the email address listed on his site.

Rob also represents several big names in SFF, including Stephen Deas, Oliver Langmead, Mike Brooks, Luke Scull and Gavin Smith.