The Lazarus War & The Eternity War: suggested reading order

I’ve had a few emails lately from readers asking about the order in which they should read my books, so I thought I’d do a blogpost on the topic. I now have two book series on general release, with another book due later this year, and several foreign language versions available, so things are bound to get a bit complicated on the book shelf.

“So where should I start reading your books?” I hear you ask. Well, most importantly, you should read them! if you’re a fan of SF, space opera and high-octane military action, then my books are for you. Here’s a handy diagram which will give you the suggested reading order for my current releases…

Each War series that I’ve written to date is a self-contained trilogy. This means that you can dip in and out when you like. There are, therefore, two possible jumping-off points: you could either start with Artefact, or with Pariah. You don’t need to have an understanding of Lazarus War to appreciate Eternity War. The universes interlink, and there are certainly some elements of Eternity War that you’ll recognise from Lazarus War, but it’s not essential to have read one series to enjoy the other.

The Lazarus War is the first book series. This is Captain Conrad Harris’ story, and he is our narrator and guide through the universe of the 23rd century, as well as the technology of the Simulant Operations Programme…

The Lazarus War: Artefact is book one of the series. On the farthest edges of known space, a stalemate has been won between the Alliance and the Krell, and a Quarantine Zone is being policed by the only people able to contain the Krell menace: the brave soldiers of the Simulant Operation Programme, an elite military team who remotely operate bioengineered avatars in the most dangerous theatres of war.

Captain Harris is a veteran of the Sim Ops Programme, a man who has died hundreds of times running suicide missions inside his simulants. When a secret research station on the planet Helios suddenly goes dark, there is no other man who could lead a rescue mission. But on Helios, Harris and his team discover the existence of an Artefact that could turn the tide of the war.

Artefact is published by Orbit, and has been released in paperback, ebook and audiobook, in several territories. It has also been released as Die Lazarus-Mission in Germany (published by Heyne), Artefakt in the Czech Republic (published by Fantom Print), and L’Artefact in France (published by L’Atalante; where the series is known as Lazare En Guerre).

The Lazarus War: Legion is the second book in the series. Having survived their ordeal on Helios, Lazarus and his squad are now leading a large-scale mission to the perilous, unexplored region of the Damascus Rift. There, another Artefact has been discovered. It is the product of an ancient alien life form – and a possible weapon to be used against the Krell. This Artefact could finally help humanity win the war. But what Harris and the Lazarus Legion will discover there is from their worst nightmares . . .

Legion has been released in paperback, ebook and audiobook. It has also been released as Die Lazarus-Legion in Germany and La Legion in France.

The Lazarus War: Origins is the concluding chapter in the series. The Krell Empire has wreaked such devastation that military command is desperate for a new strategy against the alien foe.

 Harris and his squad are being sent on a mission that could finally turn the tide of the war. Intelligence has been uncovered that indicates the location of the UAS Endeavour, a ship that went missing years ago deep in Krell territory. The ship could hold secrets to harnessing an ancient alien technology – possibly the most powerful weapon in the known universe. But if this power falls into the wrong hands, the consequences for humanity are unimaginable.

Origins has been released in paperback, ebook and audiobook. It has also been released as Das Lazarus-Spiel in Germany, and will be released as Origines in France (due later in 2018).

The Lazarus War: Redemption is also an ebook only release. Although Redemption is not essential reading, it adds another perspective to the events of the series, and if you enjoyed my other books then you’re going to want to pick this one up too! Redemption is set between the events of Legion and Origins, making it book 2.5, but it can also be read as a standalone novel.

Taniya Coetzer is the chief engineer of the transport ship Edison, on a routine cargo run to the military outpost Liberty Point. But she’s also an ex-convict with a secret, and she’s hoping to make peace with her estranged mother when they reach the Point. Their family reunion will be disrupted, however, when a catastrophe strikes the space station. The crew of the Edison suddenly find themselves fighting for their lives – and amongst the chaos, Taniya will discover that she’s not the only member of the crew with a secret . . .

Redemption is available in French language (under the same name), and also an audiobook in the US.

The Eternity War: Pariah is the first book in the second series. Although set in the same universe as The Lazarus War, Pariah is a fresh new start to the series. At the end of The Lazarus War, I hit the reset button on the universe… You can easily start reading my books with Pariah.

Lieutenant Keira Jenkins is an experienced simulant operative and leader of the Jackals, a team of raw recruits keen to taste battle. They soon get their chance when the Black Spiral terrorist network seizes control of a space station.

Yet no amount of training could have prepared the Jackals for the deadly conspiracy they soon find themselves drawn into – a conspiracy that is set to spark a furious new war across the galaxy.

Pariah is available in paperback, ebook and audiobook. It is also due for release in French in 2019, again published by L’Atalante.

The Eternity War: Exodus is the second book in the series.

Lieutenant Jenkins and her Jackals have survived confrontations with the Black Spiral terrorist network. Yet their troubles are only just beginning. With their starship badly damaged, they find themselves adrift in hostile territory. Somehow they must find a way to warn the Alliance before the Black Spiral unleashes a new war across the galaxy.

But first they must face the Alliance’s oldest enemy: the Asiatic Directorate. And the Directorate has a score to settle with Jenkins . . .

Exodus is due to release in the UK and US in November 2018.

The Eternity War: Dominion is the third book in the series. I’m currently writing it; stay tuned for more news!

And what about The Shadow War? Well, that would be the third planned trilogy in the same universe. It’ll of course feature the troopers of the Alliance Simulant Operations Programme, and plenty of action, suspense and excitement, but it’s a way off yet. I haven’t got any firm plans for release of The Shadow War, but I hope to return to this universe in the future and finish the overall story arc that started with The Lazarus War: Artefact. After all, there are still plenty of stories to tell in this universe…

As ever, thanks for reading my books. For all the latest news on my writing, be sure to follow me on Twitter @JSawyerAuthor! 

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