LAZARUS WAR: ORIGINS released next month

Mission accomplished. Objective secured. Target neutralised.

That’s right, people: I’ve just received an advance paperback copy of THE LAZARUS WAR: ORIGINS


I’m very pleased with the cover. Orbit went for a really bright green, which is very appropriate for the story. While the previous two books look great, ORIGINS really pops.


Here’s a close up of the front of the book:


And a close up of the back:


Writing a book has always been a personal ambition of mine. Getting something published these days isn’t easy; especially in the heavily-subscribed SF market. When I secured an agent, I was pretty pleased with myself. I suspected that things might stop there – that the dream might end. When I got a publishing contract with Orbit, it pretty much felt like I’d arrived. It was an awesome feeling, but it quickly became mixed with anxiety. On the one hand, the very idea that ARTEFACT (the only book I’d written at that stage) would be released for real was incredible. On the other hand, the contract was for three books. That brought its own anxiety… Could I actually write three books?

Well, having ORIGINS in paperback – having it in my hands – I now have an answer to that. There’s something physical about owning the paperback which I didn’t really experience when I finished writing the book, when I finished reviewing the proofs, or when I submitted the book to my publisher. I’ve actually done it. I’ve written three books, and the third is released next month.

ORIGINS is released in the UK and US on 24th August 2016. Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? You should! It’s available everywhere. Get to it. Both ARTEFACT and LEGION are out in ebook, paperback and audiobook. If you’re feeling really adventurous, then the novella REDEMPTION is also available in ebook (and audiobook in the US).    



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