THE LAZARUS WAR: ORIGINS – released next week

It’s not long until the third and final part of THE LAZARUS WAR – ORIGINS – is released in the UK and US! The book will be released on 25th August 2016.


Unlike previous books in the series, ORIGINS will be released simultaneously in ebook, paperback and audiobook. If you’ve enjoyed the previous books in the series, then I’m sure that you will love ORIGINS. The book completes Conrad Harris’ story arc, taking him deep into the Maelstrom and Krell territory. There Harris must face an enemy unlike any other he has faced so far…

If you haven’t already pre-ordered then get to it, trooper! You can order ORIGINS from all good online booksellers, as well as highstreet and physical retailers. Sightings have already been reported across the galaxy…

THE LAZARUS WAR is an action-drenched SF adventure series. Starting with ARTEFACT, the story continues in LEGION. ORIGINS is the third and final part of the adventure!


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