Today is the official release date of book two of THE LAZARUS WAR: LEGION! Altogether now: happy publication day to me! 


To celebrate the new release, I’m running a competition to win one of three paperback copies of LEGION!

So what do I have to do to win my copy? I hear you asking.

It’s easy: you can enter the competition by doing one of the following:

The competition is open worldwide, and I’ll even sign the book with a personalised dedication if you’d like!

Closing date will be 7 days from today (so 12 pm GMT on 2nd June 2016). At the end of that period, I’ll randomly select the winners from the contestants, and the books will be out in the post.

(If there is a delay in your comment appearing on this post, don’t worry, I’m manually approving them: it just avoids spam.)

I’d love to enter, I hear you say, but what’s LEGION all about?

Here’s the skinny:

Conrad Harris is the legend known as Lazarus, and he has died hundreds of times. Using simulant bodies, he runs suicide missions in the depths of space. But he always comes back.

As commanding officer of the Lazarus Legion, Harris and his elite Simulant Operations team are humanity’s last line of defence against the hostile alien race known as the Krell.

Having survived their ordeal on Helios, they’re now leading a large-scale mission to the perilous, unexplored region of the Damascus Rift. There, another Artefact has been discovered. It is the product of an ancient alien life form – and a possible weapon to be used against the Krell.

This Artefact could finally help humanity win the war. But what Harris and the Lazarus Legion will discover there is from their worst nightmares . . .

THE LAZARUS WAR - all covers

If you haven’t already started THE LAZARUS WAR, then you should begin with ARTEFACT. (Unless of course, you really like starting trilogies by reading the second book and then working your way around the others, in which case you’re welcome to read LEGION first, and then get to the other two books whenever you’re ready!)

ARTEFACT and LEGION are now available in ebook, paperback and audiobook! Thanks to everyone for your support so far, and if you’ve enjoyed my books please do get in touch via the website or follow me on Twitter on @JSawyerAuthor!