MCM Comic Con: 26th to 28th October 2018

It’s that time of year again, folks, and MCM Comic Con is coming to London!

MCM Comic Con is the premier convention for comics, film, literature and gaming. Anything with an SF or fantasy vibe is covered, and it’s an incredible show all round. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited previously, and it’s a great opportunity to meet with like-minded people. For me personally, Comic Con is also a superb chance to connect with readers, and talk about SF in general.

This year, I’ll be attending on Saturday 27th October. I’m on two panels this time around:

17:00pm – 17:30pm – Forbidden Planet signing – with Peter McLean (Priest of Bones), Claire North (84K), RJ Baker (King of Assassins), Gavin Smith (The Bastards Legion), Christa Faust (Batman: A Killing Joke), Kim Curran (Slay), and Jamie Sawyer (The Lazarus War and The Eternity War).

Have a book (or other movable object, I suppose!) signed by some big names in SFF. Claire North and RJ Barker need no introduction, whilst Gavin Smith is an SF veteran whose books inspired me even before I was signed up by an agent. Come and say hi if you’re around!

18:00pm – 18:45pm – Creator Stage: Sci-Fi Scribblings – The field of science-fiction is filled to the brim with variety, from space operas to hard science.  Science-fiction authors Claire North (84K), Jamie Sawyer (The Lazarus War and The Eternity War), Tim Pratt (The Wrong Stars), Heather Child (Everything About You), Tom Toner (The Tropic of Eternity) as they discuss what makes great science-fiction.

This looks like a great panel, with some really diverse panellists covering a variety of SF styles and subgenres. I’ve not met many of these authors, but Claire North is great fun to listen to if you can attend – her knowledge of writing and SF in general is incredible, as evidenced by her published novels. 

MCM Comic Con runs from 26th to 28th October, and if you’re interested in SFF at all I’d highly recommend attending.

And who knows? If you attend, maybe I’ll give you a hint about where The Eternity War series is going next. Don’t forget that The Eternity War: Exodus is released in paperback, ebook and audiobook on 29th November 2018 – you can preorder your copy now!

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