MCM Comic ConAnyone else going to MCM Comic Con this weekend? You know that you really should! I’m going to be appearing there for an author panel and also for book signing (or, really, whatever you want signed!).

Running between Friday 28th October 2016 and Sunday 30th October, MCM Comic Con is held at Excel in London and it is one of the biggest pop culture events. It covers comics, art, manga, anime, video games, and pretty much everything else that’s cool. There will be loads of properly famous people there from the worlds of SF and fantasy, as well as a huge expo. It’s a great day out!

I’m going to be on panel with several other SFF authors at 3-4 pm on Saturday 29th October. The topic is an interesting one:

“Imagining the Future: We create more dystopias because it’s easier to knock things down than come up with something better – what does that tell us about ourselves? What can we learn from the history/evolution of our apocalypses? Is it worse if the threat is external – meteor, plague etc – or manmade? Yes, utopia is basically impossible by definition, but we still work towards it every day – so why do we spend more time imagining dystopia?”

After that, I’ll be doing a book signing between 4 and 5 pm.

So, if you’re at the Con, please do come by and say hello. Even better, bring along your copy of ARTEFACT, LEGION or ORIGINS for me to sign!

To find out more about MCM Comic Con, click here.