So, who’s going to Comic Con at Excel this weekend? If not, then you really should be! MCM Comic Con events are an incredible celebration of all things geeky. From video games to comics, from SF to superhero fiction: Comic Con has it all. You can find out more information here.

I’m attending two panels this event:

Saturday 28th October

1pm – “AI and the Age of the Machines” – Join science fiction authors Una McCormack, Ken McLeod and Jamie Sawyer, along with physicists from IOP, as they discuss the portrayal of artificial intelligence in science fiction literature and how this links to scientific advancements, as well as current technology around artificial intelligence software and what that could mean for our future. Skynet, anyone? With Una McCormack, Ken McLeod, Jamie Sawyer, Physicists TBC.

Awesome! I get to talk about robots with a bunch of cool authors! No doubt we’ll have our science tested with a physicist on the panel…

Sunday 29th October

11am – “Dystopian Futures in Science Fiction” – Join authors Gavin Smith, Jamie Sawyer, Dave Hutchinson and Ken McLeod as they discuss the popularity of dystopian futures and what such stories can tell us about our own.

And another topic close to my heart, with yet more cool authors.

Held in the Lower Platinum Suite, the Author Corner is a great feature of Comic Con. Whether you want to talk books and ideas, or just want to take a break from the hectic pace of the convention, drop by and say hi!