Merry Christmas to one and all! Hope that you are having a restful, peaceful and enjoyable Christmas break, wherever you may be. And what better time to dust off that Netflix subscription, settle down with the family, and tuck in to some quality SFF? Join me for my rundown of the top 5 things to watch on Netflix this season…

STRANGER THINGS kind of crept up on me. I started watching it one night, and was instantly bitten. If you haven’t already watched it, now is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge…

2. THE EXPANSE (series)
Based on the best-selling SF novels by James SA Corey, THE EXPANSE has finally been released in the UK via Netflix. Some great visuals and a faithful take on the source material.

3. ARQ (movie)
An interesting variation on the time-loop theme, ARQ is a very well done example of the genre.

4. SPECTRAL (movie)
Although the plot is fairly lineal in design, watch this one for some well-done FX and great visuals.

5. THE OA (series)
I’ll confess that I haven’t watched this one yet, but it looks great and reviews have been favourable.