The date is finally here: ORIGINS is on full release in the UK and US as of today!

ORIGINS on shelf

Here’s a synopsis of the book:

“For someone who has died and come back as many times as Conrad Harris, the nickname Lazarus is well-deserved. His elite military team are specialists in death – running suicide missions in simulant bodies to combat the alien race known as the Krell.

“But now the Krell Empire has wreaked such devastation that military command is desperate for a new strategy against the alien foe.

 Harris and his team are being sent on a mission that could finally turn the tide of the war. Intelligence has been uncovered that indicates the location of the UAS Endeavour, a ship that went missing years ago deep in Krell territory. The ship could hold secrets to harnessing an ancient alien technology – possibly the most powerful weapon in the known universe. But if this power falls into the wrong hands, the consequences for humanity are unimaginable.

“Some questions are best left unanswered: some mysteries best left unresolved…”

This has been a terrific year for me and THE LAZARUS WAR. I’ve gone from debut author to having three books on the stand. It still feels more than a little unreal.

ORIGINS on shelf

Although it may seem as though everything has happened overnight, I’ve been writing these books for years now and getting to this stage has been gruelling at times. One of the many things I’ve learnt about writing professionally is that it’s very hard work. Equally, it’s intensely rewarding. The entire experience is highly emotional, emotive and subjective.


Of course, writing a trilogy only amplifies those features. It’s been one of the most intensely rewarding experiences of my life!

(Actually, as my wife regularly reminds me (because it’s her favourite book in the series so far) ORIGINS is really my fourth book: I also wrote THE LAZARUS WAR: REDEMPTION during the copy-editing of LEGION…)


I’ve learnt a lot about writing, the publishing process and the wider industry. I’m definitely going to share my experiences on these topics in a future blog post.

Thanks to everyone who has read and supported my books. Couldn’t have done it without you. If you’ve read and enjoyed THE LAZARUS WAR, and in particular ORIGINS, then please do get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.