Releasing soon: DAS LAZARUS SPIEL (German) & ARTEFAKT (Czech)

Two more releases for the LAZARUS WAR – part three of my trilogy in German language (published there as DAS LAZARUS SPIEL), and the part one in Czech (published as ARTEFAKT)!

The German language edition of ORIGINS is known as DAS LAZARUS SPIEL, and is the concluding part of the series. If you enjoyed DIE LAZARUS MISSION and DIE LAZARUS LEGION, then I’m sure you’ll want to read this book too! Published by Heyne, the physical book is a lavish block of literary enjoyment…

The cover of DAS LAZARUS SPIEL is pretty close to the original ORIGINS. I really love that starship image: a military cruiser, hunting through the deeps of the Maelstrom… If you’ve read ORIGINS, you probably already know what this image is supposed to represent!

Whereas the cover of DAS LAZARUS SPIEL is very similar to the original, the cover of the Czech edition of ARTEFACT is very different indeed.

Published in the Czech Republic by Fantom Print, I’m really impressed by the visuals of this new cover! The starships have a militaristic vibe which is very in-keeping with the LAZARUS WAR universe, whilst being sufficiently different to other versions of the book.

So, if you’re a Czech or German reader, be sure to look out for these releases very soon!


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