A Monday morning update on recent reviews of ARTEFACT and ORIGINS


Firstly, Starved for Content recently reviewed ARTEFACT and sounds like they loved it! Here’s an excerpt from the review:

ARTEFACT is a pure, concentrated page-turner. It is compulsively readable and incredible fun. Sawyer is clearly a huge fan of Sci-Fi subculture, and that works just fine for me. He evokes the tense and powerful Marine group dynamic of Aliens, the interstellar travel and stacked odds of Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet series, while tossing in the awesome notion of armoured space marines fighting repellent and hyper aggressive alien civilisations. It soars.”

You can read the full review here, and I’d recommend that you do. It’s great when a reviewer really gets your book, and that’s exactly what happened here.   

Secondly, I’ve had an early review of ORIGINS! Now that the third and final part of THE LAZARUS WAR has been released, I’m eager to see what readers think of the overall story arc. Kate from For Winter Nights wrote this about ORIGINS:

“As you’d expect after the first two novels in the trilogy, ORIGINS runs from the very first page and it doesn’t stop once. The action is intense, violent, frightening, even though Sim Ops are repeatedly reborn within the tanks where their real bodies lie. The deaths might not be final but that doesn’t mean they’re not agonising and Lazarus, who has endured more deaths than any other soldier, is paying the price. But just as the action is intense, so too is the emotion. Lazarus is closer to discovering the truth about the fate of the woman he loved, a quest that has shaped the trilogy, and it drives him almost to distraction.”

Awesome stuff! And again, just great for a reader to really understand where you’re coming from with a book. My objective with ORIGINS was to give you, the reader, an intense adrenaline jolt: to wind up the action even further than in ARTEFACT and LEGION. I hope that’s what I’ve achieved!

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