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Movie review: The Predator

  The Predator is easily my most anticipated movie of 2018. It feels like it has been forever in the works: with an initial release date for spring 2018, which then drifted back to September this year. However, behind the excitement lurked a trepidation as well – and the news of reshoots and plot issues…

Movie review: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man was a surprise hit of 2015. Adopting the Guardians of the Galaxy formula, the movie managed to balance humour with action, diverging from the standard Marvel template just enough to carve out its own niche. The ending of Ant-Man – as well as the film’s box office success – pretty much guaranteed a sequel….


Verdict: By turns excellent and mediocre, BvS might be the sequel to MAN OF STEEL but it’s a far better Batman movie BATMAN V SUPERMAN has to be the most anticipated superhero film of recent years. While the team-up has happened numerous times in comic books and other media, it’s taken this long for the…

Movie review: DEADPOOL

My verdict: Graphic, dark and very, very funny. The merc with the mouth finally gets his own movie. Sure, Deadpool has kinda been in film already, but his appearance in WOLVERINE: ORIGINS was largely forgettable and barely represented the character. DEADPOOL had a long run-up, and it feels like fan-interest in the film has been…

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