The Eternity War: Dominion released in UK & US

I’m very pleased to announce that The Eternity War: Dominion is out now in the UK and US!

Here’s the blurb..

“The Black Spiral terrorist organisation, and their mysterious leader Warlord, have unleashed a deadly virus across the Maelstrom. There is nothing that can stop the alien fleets as they invade Alliance space…

“Except for, maybe, Lieutenant Jenkins and her Jackals. The Jackals are now veterans of the Simulant Operations Programme – having operated simulant-bodies in some of the hottest warzones the galaxy has to offer – and back in Alliance territory, they have new weapons, new armour and new bodies. Jenkins’ Jackals are given a secret assignment: to investigate the Aeon – a potential ally in the escalating conflict, and a force that might shift the gears of war in favour of the Alliance.

“But there are many agencies interested in the Aeon, and too many sides in this war. Jenkins is going to have to trust her squad, the alien Pariah, and her instincts, as she makes the call that will make – or break – this war once and for all…”

This book marks the end of my second trilogy, and it finishes the saga with a big bang! If you’re a fan of aliens, space ships and big battles, then Dominion will be for you. As with the rest of The Eternity War, it is available in ebook and paperback. 

The French rights for Dominion have also recently been picked up by the terrific L’Atalante. More news on that release when I get it! 


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