THE LAZARUS WAR: ORIGINS – manuscript submitted!

Pretty momentous writing news today: the manuscript of ORIGINS – the third part in THE LAZARUS WAR – has been submitted to my publishers! I’ve been working hard on the MS, to make this the most exciting instalment of the series yet… And if you’ve enjoyed ARTEFACT, LEGION, and REDEMPTION, then I hope that you will enjoy the concluding part of the series! Conrad Harris will finally face his destiny, and get some answers to questions that he has been asking for a very long time. Needless to say, Harris and the Lazarus Legion are in for a hell of a ride in ORIGINS: facing threats from the Directorate, the Krell and even the enigmatic Shard.

The process is basically that my extremely helpful editor (Anna Gregson of Orbit Books) will now read the draft, and we’ll work on edits until the book is polished and ready for publication! It’s actually a bit more complex than that: a proof reader considers the book, and I then have another chance to check for errors… Exciting times!

Next year there will be lots of LAZARUS WAR releases; with ARTEFACT being released in paperback in February 2016, LEGION in May 2016 and then ORIGINS in ebook and paperback in August 2016. There will also be audiobooks alongside each release. The last bit I’m really, really excited about (did I mention that I’m excited about this bit?). These will give you another great way to experience the books; Orbit already has an awesome narrator lined up, and I can literally hear Conrad Harris in his voice…


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