Join me for the latest instalment in THE LAZARUS WAR trivia series! Today we’re looking at ORIGINS, which is the third and final part of Conrad Harris’ saga…

  1. PFC Dejah Mason has changed her callsign to “Princess” by the time of ORIGINS. What can I say? I’m an Edgar Rice Burroughs fan.
  1. Some members of the Lazarus Legion were promoted between the events of LEGION and those of ORIGINS, as a result of their actions in Damascus. The squad has a pretty irregular rank structure by now, as some team members had been passed over for promotion, and others weren’t present to be promoted…
  1. The planet Devonia isn’t much bigger than Earth’s moon. As such, it should have minimal gravity. Its bizarre environmental abilities are as a result of unnatural factors influencing the planet.
  1. “Kyung” is a common Korean family name. I chose to westernise the name as Shiro Kyung, for the story’s antagonist.
  1. Kyung is a Korean clone-soldier, but she captains a Chinese starship. The Directorate Navy is more flexibly organised than its Alliance counterpart.
  1. On Devonia, Elena is able to control the Reapers left behind aboard the Artefact. She used the same knowledge to survive on her expeditions onto the Artefact in LEGION.
  1. At the end of LEGION, Captain Lance Williams’ real body was aboard the UAS Colossus. However, during the confusion of the Directorate attack he and the Warfighters fled the vessel to the Shanghai Remembered. This allowed him to escape with the Shanghai.
  1. The Directorate commando team Harris finds aboard the Artefact at the end of LEGION were responsible for capturing the Shard Key and retrieving it to the Shanghai Remembered. This is how the Directorate has the Key at the start of ORIGINS.
  1. Professor Saul knows where the simulant technology really comes from. He wanted to tell Harris when aboard the Colossus, but Harris changes the topic. He’s a bit like that.
  1. When the Revenant breaks out of the Shard Gate around Devonia, it is functioning at a fraction of its full potential. The ship’s first objective is to feed, which reduces its defensive capabilities…