Have you heard of Unsung Stories? They’re a small press, publishing literary and speculative fiction in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, horror and beyond. They published DARK STAR by Oliver Langmead, which was one of my favourite books of 2016.

As well as publishing books and short fiction, Unsung Stories also holds live literary events in London. The next event will be on 21st February 2017, and I’ll be attending as a guest! The details of the event are here, but in short it’s between 7 pm to 9pm, and held at The Star of Kings. The event is free to attend, although space is limited (more about that here).

You can check out some previous attendees of Unsung Live here, where past tales are stored in audio format for listening online. There are some great stories there, and I’d recommend that you head over and have a listen!

Meanwhile, I’m putting the finishing touches on my contribution to Unsung Live – a story inspired by the Valentines Day season, but with my own twist: a story that I’m calling “True Love”…