US version of THE LAZARUS WAR: ARTEFACT has arrived!

A couple weeks back I showed you the physical paperback copy of ARTEFACT. That was the UK version, and yesterday I was rather excited to receive a box of US mass-market paperbacks!

US and UK versions of ARTEFACT

Woo hoo! The mass-market US version has a nice shiny finish to the cover, and is a smaller more compact size. Good things coming to small packages and all that… I should imagine that it will fit nicely into a pocket or bag; great for your morning commute.

Here’s a shot of the UK and US versions side by side. I think that the cover – with the UASĀ Oregon against the backdrop of Helios – looks particularly impressive on the US version.

Comparing the US and UK versions of ARTEFACT

Only 10 days left until the drop, people! Form up, strap in and get ready for some serious SF action – if you haven’t already, you seriously need to pre-order your copy of ARTEFACT

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