The weekend is upon us, and the nights are drawing in… Where did the summer go?

Fear not: I have the ultimate solution to those early-autumn blues – a summer blockbuster! Not a movie, but a book. Book two of the LAZARUS WAR – LEGION – is out now, and a bigger summer blockbuster you will not find. Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite…

“Suddenly all faces, in unison, were turned to the spectacle above.THE LAZARUS WAR: LEGION

Something enormous exploded.

A brilliant, eye-scorching light filled the blackness. It sent numerous miniature sub-detonations through space. The dying vessel couldn’t have been far from our location, because very rapidly we were being showered with burning debris. Chunks of starship slammed into the plastic dome, assaulted the rest of the station.

“Gracia de Dios . . .” Martinez whispered.

The pattern of the explosion could only mean that it was an Alliance vessel. Not a fighter: had to be one of the assault cruisers. I took some minor reassurance from the fact that it wasn’t the Mallard, or we’d all be dead right now. But it did mean that the war in heaven wasn’t going as well as planned and that we had even less time to make the retrieval.

“Everyone up!” I declared, shouting over my loudspeaker and indicating with my hands. “Mag-locks on! Follow us. Squad, combat formation—”

The dome above began to crack. Very noisily, very dramatically. Escaping atmosphere began to hiss, then shriek.

“Mason, you take the rear!” Jenkins ordered, locking her boots and helping some of the civvies up. “Martinez, you take left flank. We’ve got to get these people out of here now! Go, go, go!”

The dome suddenly exploded outwards.”

LEGION is a non-stop thrill ride! Available right now at only £3.99 on Amazon.

Not only that, but book one of the LAZARUS WAR – ARTEFACT – is priced only £2.99 for a limited period!

Settle down with a nice book and a cup of tea (or other Alliance-approved beverage) and buckle in for the drop…